CEREC® allows elderly couple time to do sightseeing with help from map.

We all lead busy lives today and anything that will save us time is good, right? At Smile More Dental we understand that you’ve got better things to do than spend time on repeated visits to the dentist office to get your treatment done.  That’s why we are excited to offer our clients the latest in same-day dentistry technology – CEREC® crowns.

CEREC® uses a digital scanner and computer software to create highly precise 3D photos of your teeth. These digital files are sent to our in-office milling machine that actually creates your new restoration in just minutes!  The result is a perfectly fitting, natural-looking crown.

Learn more about how you benefit from same-day dentistry with CEREC® in our infographic:

Facts and information about same-day dentistry with CEREC®.

Your time is precious and CEREC® same-day crowns will let you get the dental care you need quickly and effectively. Call our office today and one of our friendly team members will be happy to answer your questions or set up a convenient appointment.